Rebranding : introducing The Doomer Collective

During the first month of our project’s existence we have learned a lot. Every bump on the road has given us more insight, and allowed us to better figure out in which direction we want to steer this project. What we quickly understood is that we jumped into the most oversaturated market of crypto right before the breaking point. As of this moment, almost every other project seen on OpenSea is bouncy pixel art. After a few weeks of development meetings, we all agreed upon the idea that we wanted to make something more out of this project. Something bigger and better. During the subsequent meetings we discussed how we would achieve this. In this post we want to share with you what we came up with:

Allow us to introduce The Doomer Collective (! The Doomer Collective will be a DeFi platform, targeting artists, degens and memesters. The platform will be similar to a few already existing ones, but with more utility while also having less “sellout vibes”, if you will. We want to build a less ostentatious and more down to earth 4chan/meme/degen one-stop shop type platform for NFTs and crypto related media. The platform will contain an NFT launchpad (anyone wanting to launch their NFTs please write @artdoomerchadmin on telegram or email for further inquiries), NFT staking, yield farming, token staking, a DAO and a page for token arbitrage between multiple blockchains. Sounds messy? Let’s break it down to a point where it will hopefully make sense.


The Doomer Collective will contain two tokens.

Doomer (DMR) Is our native token. DMR will be available both as a ERC20 token as well as a BEP20 token. This token is used for DAO voting rights, farming and arbitrage.

Doomer Tickets (DTICKET) Is a non-tradable (non-ERC20) token, which can only be used to buy NFTs.


Users will be able to yield farm token pairs with DMR and a couple of recogniseable 4chan degen tokens. As a reward, users will gain both DMR and DTICKET.

Users can also solo stake DMR and just get DTICKET


Since DMR is both a BEP20 and ERC20 token, prices on each blockchain may sometimes vary. This might generate a lucrative trading scenario, which we would like to see our users gain from. Therefore we will have linked on our website a token bridge and notify users when price differs on each chain. This will end up in active users getting notified when good trades are available, in addition to the yield they are already generating while farming.


We will drop NFT collections on our platform, both our own and collab collections. We will try to get in contact with artists doing other things than just visual art as well. Musicians especially are very encouraged to contact us in order to discuss a collaboration. NFTs will be purchasable with DTICKET, ETH, BNB or by card.


Our own Doomer Collective collection NFTs will be able to be staked in order to gain DMR and DTICKET as well. The first collection to be stakeable will be CyberChads. This will be the easiest way to stack DMR tokens in the future, so you can load up on CyberChads if you want to do something right now to prepare for the launch.


We cherish our community, and want to include you in the development process. Therefore we will also launch a DAO in order for our members to reach consensus, share ideas in order to develop this project together. Let us take on some new challenging endeavours together!

So where are we now?

As we are writing this update we are still finalizing our website, backend and smart contracts, as well as being in contact with token launchpads to launch the DMR tokens. The development of everything is up to our internal deadlines and in a day or two we will be able to share more detailed tokenomics as well as our lightpaper and roadmap. We hope to be able to release the tokens in about a month and to soon be able to share more details on how to participate in private and public sales to come. We will also start headhunting some amazing artists to launch their art on our platform as soon as everything is live. If you have artists in mind that you would like to see on the doomer collective, please do

n’t hesitate to tell us about them. If you know some artists please tell them about us. If you make art please write to us.

Until Next time

Stack The Chad

The Doomer Collective fka CyberChads